I grew up in a bakery1. So I have been surrounded by food and the production of food all my life. After a few detours2 I find myself not only young chef, but also longing to start discovering, researching and covering food and how it is part of our everyday life.

1 generations of my family ran it from 1899 till 2018, and my parents, my sister and I lived in a flat above it

2 studying journalism and starting to cover city politics, sustainability and digitalization as a freelance journalist; studying cultural anthropology and specializing in the social phenomenon which food is and the culture surrounding it; being an apprentice to become a chef

contact me:

mail(at)lukasblank.de | LinkedIn


apprentice chef (Hobenköök; 2023)

Slow Food Youth Akademie (Slow Food Deutschland e.V. ; 2022)

Kulturanthropologie/Volkskunde (M.A. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz; 2022)

anthropologie culturelle (ERASMUS+ | Université de Bordeaux | 2021)

Onlinejournalismus (B.A. Hochschule Darmstadt; 2019)